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Three Reasons To Make Massages A Lifestyle


Sure, you love a good massage. You probably look forward to receiving a gift card for your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just because. While a massage is the *perfect* gift, working them into your everyday life (instead of reserving them for special occasions) is even better for you, mentally and physically. Read on for three reasons to frequent the spa regularly.


Relaxation is crucial to both your mental and physical health. When your body is tense and under stress, it produces cortisol, a stress-hormone that causes weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems, headaches and more. However, incorporating massages into your regular routine has shown to decrease levels of cortisol and trigger lasting feelings of relaxation, improved moods and reduced stress.


“Not only do massages reduce stress, penciling in a massage into your regular schedule can boost energy, reduce pain, and stimulate you both physically and mentally,” said Christi, A Glo Spa & Salon owner.


Did you know the source of back, neck and muscle pain for many Americans is poor posture? (You’re probably slouching slightly as you’re reading this). In fact, according to some studies, chronic back pain is the number one reason for missed workdays. Don’t fret – adding a regular massage to your life can help get your body into proper alignment. Massages allow your body (and muscles) to relax and loosen up. The more regularly you work a massage into your schedule, the more relaxed your muscles will stay.

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