Our licensed Massage Therapists customize each massage based on your needs for that session. Each session begins with a consultation. Then, each therapist uses a variety of techniques, including, but not limited to, Swedish and deep therapeutic movements, reflexology, stretching, and acupressure. Massage therapy has been proven to not only help you relax and ease tension, but also will help to increase circulation and flexibility and to decrease the toxins in your body.

*We also offer couples massage.

30 Minute Session$75
45 Minute Session$85
60 Minute Session$100
75 Minute Session$115
90 Minute Session$130


This massage uses Swedish techniques to help stimulate blood flow and lymph fluids. It may also increase tone and flexibility and alleviate leg cramps and muscle spasms. We use either the side-lying position or a pregnancy pillow. These positions provide optimal physical comfort while minimizing any risks to the mother and offer maximum safety for both mother and baby. They also can optimize maternal cardiac functioning and oxygen delivery to the baby as well as reduce intrauterine and sinus pressure. Mothers must be beyond their first trimester to receive a massage.

60 Minute Session$100