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  • Do what you love
  • Provide exceptional experiences to our guests
  • Have complete respect for your time
  • Grow your skill and knowledge
  • Work in a serene, peaceful environment
  • Have a strong team cheering you on every step of the way
  • Work with balance for your current season of life

Salary & Benefits

Our service providers start with a base wage during training, and then quickly move to providing services to increase their income as they begin to operate independently. Guest care staff also receive a base wage with immediate opportunities for growth.

  • Guaranteed hourly salary plus tips
  • Monthly bonuses when salon hits goals
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Employer-matched IRA
  • Paid vacation, paid birthday and paid bonus days for perfect attendance
  • Deep discounts on products and free/discounted services (with free products on your birthday!)
  • Paid education
  • 50 percent-off gym membership
  • Flexibility in scheduling – No Sundays or Holidays
  • Fun and trendy dress code

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“Having a really great guaranteed salary regardless if I am booked is a real stress-reliever and hard to find in the early stages of your career, especially in this industry! I also enjoy the fact that our dress code allows us to express ourselves and stay trendy while keeping it clean and chic. We’re not stuck with just plain black attire.”

~ Olivia

"They listen to me and respect my opinion. Christi takes the time to listen to each of us. She hears out our problems and helps to find solutions. She values each of our voices and definitely makes us feel loved.”

~ Emma

“I love how much we genuinely laugh and have fun every day and lift each other up on the hard ones. I love that I work in an environment and culture where I can be completely and truly myself without fear, where I'm accepted for everything I am and everything I'm not. But mostly, I feel privileged to work alongside a group of strong and talented people that I learn from everyday and challenge me to be my best self and to work for someone who puts her whole heart into partnering with me to create my dreams both professionally and personally. All other benefits and incentives are the icing on the cake in comparison to those things.”

~ Leanya

“I'm a mom of three young children and A Glo has always been very flexible with my schedule! I have my dream schedule that fits my busy family's life!"

~ Natasha

“At A Glo, the team work doesn’t go unseen. This company allows us to strive for the best. To learn new things, push each other to be better and always reach for bigger goals and opportunities at any given time. To always know we have each and every persons’ back is the absolute best feeling."

~ Kaci

“Working for A Glo has been life changing for me financially, mentally and physically. Affordable healthcare, dental, paid time off, a matched IRA, and even a gym membership are just some of the benefits offered. I have never worked for a company that truly values their employees as much as A Glo. It's one thing to love what you do, it's another to love who you are doing it for. I get the best of both, here.”

~ Taya

“How many of your bosses not only know your birthday, but give you multiple birthday benefits? On your special day, you’re granted PTO, four full-sized Aveda products of your choice, and a gift bag filled with handpicked goodies specific to your “favorites,” topped with a handwritten card from our owner, Christi”

~ Sydney

"Opportunity for advancement is a huge perk. I started at a base wage for Attendant/Guest Care Representative. There have been tons of opportunities for personal and professional growth that helped me advance to my position now as Guest Care manager and I love all the responsibilities that come with it. We have a great Guest Care team!"

~ Noe