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This Year, Be Your Own Valentine

With January almost half-over, and February around the corner, you’ve almost certainly started to see the red cellophane chocolate boxes and cards in the drugstores. It seems like everyone in the marketing world is reminding you to not forget the person you love the most, come February 14th.

In this modern era of self-care, it seems rather old-fashioned to wait around for someone to get you what you really want, so this year we’d like to suggest something different.

This year, it’s time for you to treat yourself and be your own Valentine. Look at the next month on the calendar and find a good time to schedule an afternoon off in the middle of week just to be nice to yourself. Our spa packages start under $200 for a massage, a facial, a custom manicure and a spa lunch. Step into our luxury spa retreat and be greeted by plush robes and slippers while we guide you through the best afternoon you’ve had in a long time.

Choose one of our spa packages or design your own á la carte for a totally customized experience. Finish the day off by taking home a newly-reformulated soy wax Shampure candle, to bring the spa feeling back home and have a me-moment whenever you want. It’s not selfish; it’s self-care.

If you have a sweetie, by all means, do something special for them when the day comes around (maybe they’d like a massage or a pedicure, too?) When you think about it, part of giving your best to someone else is making sure you’re taking care of yourself as well. And sometimes that means taking a me-day to be your own Valentine.

Come visit us at our Janesville salon and spa and see the relaxation you could be enjoying. We can’t wait to make you feel amazing.