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Beauty dos and don’ts while we’re temporarily closed

Here at A Glo Spa & Salon in Janesville, we’re temporarily closed out of care for our community, guests and team members and to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. But as we all ride out the pandemic at home, we know you’re probably wondering about your beauty routine—what can you do about your hair color, your bangs and your favorite products? We’ve got your back with all the details you need to keep your look fresh during quarantine. Read on for details!


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We know, we know. It’s tempting. As the days go by and your roots start coming in, you’re probably thinking about box color and wondering, “How bad could it be?” But we’re here to tell you—it’s not worth it. Box color uses harsh chemicals that cause more harm than good, and the color correction you’ll likely need afterwards will be expensive, time-consuming, and probably a little stressful.

When you get your color done with us, our color gurus completely customize your color. They ask you questions, look at photos of what colors you like and study the texture and tone of your existing color so they can create a personalized color just for you. Our professionals also use the skills developed through years of practice and education to make your color exactly what you want—that means knowing how to create the color you want, how much color to apply, how long to let it sit and proper application techniques.

Box color uses the same formula and same instructions no matter what is currently going on with your hair, so the results vary wildly—and your color is likely not going to end up looking like the picture on the box. In fact, in most box-color corrections we either see people with splotchy, uneven color (from not using enough dye) or extremely damaged, dry locks (from applying too much).

For those who do end up needing color corrections after quarantine box color goes wrong, we’re here for you with loving, open arms, but it’s not a simple or cheap process. Color corrections often take many sessions over several months to reverse the damage done. Our skilled colorists will first do a consultation to examine your hair and make a game plan for how to get it back to where you want it.

A color correction has two goals: to repair the damage done to the hair by the harsh chemicals in the box color, and to fix the actual color itself. Repairing damage might be a long journey requiring specific treatments designed to restore your hair’s health and integrity—because no matter how good your color looks, we don’t want you walking around with damaged and unhealthy hair.

The best way to avoid the headache and cost of a color correction journey? Put down the box dye and accept that your roots are going to be visible for a few weeks. You can use hats and accessories like scarves, ribbons and pins to disguise your roots while they grow out during quarantine—it’s a good time to experiment with different looks. But also, keep in mind that we’re all in the same boat during this time, and no one is going to be judging your roots from your Zoom meetings or video chats.


We know it’s tempting, and that YouTube video said it was easy, and maybe you’ve had a few beverages that are giving you a sense of bravery. But trust us—bangs are not the answer to your quarantine woes. Leave that to the professionals, and we can give you some bangin’ fringe when we reopen.


Just because we’re closed does not mean you have to be without your favorite products. In fact, we’re all relying pretty heavily on Aveda’s Stress-Fix line right about now, if we’re being honest. Make your home a self-care haven by getting your favorite products delivered straight to your door (and get free shipping) here:


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Another way you can support us is by purchasing a gift card for your next appointment. And if you know someone who could use some extra TLC after this quarantine, (We’re looking at you, moms!) a gift card for a relaxing and rejuvenating service of their choice with us will be a bright spot on their socially distant calendar. You can buy gift cards online here:


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This is a scary time to be a small business, and we’re so grateful to our amazing Janesville community for supporting us now and always. Here are some other ways you can support us right now:

  • Visit our social media pages, like and save your favorite styles for your post-quarantine appointments.
  • Leave that review you’ve been meaning to write—positive reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook help us get new business.
  • Tag us in your social media pictures and show us your roots. Your stylist will love to know that you’re thinking of them and that you AREN’T using box color.

We miss you and we can’t wait to get back in the salon doing what we love for the community we love. Stay safe and healthy, and we’ll see you soon.